Company History

Initially established in 1964 as Salt and Chemicals (Pty) Ltd, the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Group consists of all-Namibian registered companies and the holding company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chlor-Alkali Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

In 1976 Sentrachem acquired a 50% shareholding in the business. The salt fields were also expanded to a total capacity of ± 370 000 tons at that time. The infrastructure was upgraded with new evaporation ponds and a new wash plant was added.

In 1988 Sentrachem acquired the remaining 50% shareholding from SWAFIL and the production capacity was further increased to 450 000 tons per annum.

In 1999 the Company took a significant step forward in improving its infrastructure by purchasing a loading facility in the Port of Walvis Bay from the then Tsumeb Copper Limited.

The capacity of the pans was further expanded in 2000 and 2001 to 600 000 tons per annum.

Further optimization of the current infrastructure since then means that the salt field’s capacity is currently in the region of 750 000 tons per annum, dependent on the evaporation achieved.

The business is currently going through exciting times and the new focus is on value addition both locally and internationally. In the salt industry efficiency of freight and transport are essential for success. The company is focused on optimizing the logistics value chain, including finding the right freight options that can result in the opening up of new markets.

The company celebrated its 50 years anniversary during 2014. The company is looking forward to continue the growth of the past, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation that will still be moving forward 100 years from now.